Disruptive Marketing

At Limitless Display Technologies we use a term I like to call “Disruptive Marketing”.

If you disrupt the standard automated sales process by using a collection of existing technologies used in a different ways, turning all the marketing rules upside down, shaking things up and changing the way people interact with your brand or company then you create dwell time!

Moreover, disruptive marketing encourages companies to rethink the whole brand, not just its advertising and marketing campaigns.

We can make dwell times longer by proving an experience to your customers that gives your trained salespeople a chance to make a sale.
The dwell time that our products create can really be capitalised by on by savvy retailers and brands.

Interactive Window Display

Limitless Interactive Window Display Technology turns your shop window into a touch screen display!
Produce a QR code and link to your website so customers can buy or view your product online whilst your shop is closed.

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Magic Mirror

Our Magic Mirror technology allows customers to touch the screen and see customisable content that can display information such as clothing, weather forecasts, upcoming calendar appointments, news updates and even just the time and date.

This smart mirror is suitable for a wide range of applications in retail and hospitality, from in-store fitting rooms to cosmetics advice, or multi-function mirror, tv, information and room service panels for high-end hotels.

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Gender Detection

Using a camera plugged into the SignStix M12S device you can promote different products to specific genders. Within our tech hub we show three looping videos displaying promotional sportswear products depending on which gender you are.

When standing in front of the camera the intelligent device picks your gender and automatically changes the content to show the relevant content.

Sonos Integration

In one of our recent projects we had the pleasure in working with Mojo Bar, where we integrated the Sonos music system with the SignStix platform.

Within the centre of the screen it shows details of the current song that is playing including: the name, artist, and artwork. To either side, the artwork of the previous and next to play songs are shown.

Now imagine the potential of running promotions throughout the playlist!

Hypervsn Retail

When it comes to disruptive technology there is nothing quite like HYPERVSN holographic display solutions.

Seize attention like never before! There are many digital signage solutions on the market today, but there is nothing like HYPERVSN! This hologram technology is truly out of this world.

Lift and Learn

Using our new Power Tools feature, the SignStix team have created a Place n Learn/Lift n Learn experience without the need for any JavaScript. The signage changes to show more detail about whatever item the user has just placed/lifted from a SignStix RFID Pad.

Touch Senor Technology

Our Touch & Learn technology allows users to touch real world items and a digital signage panel shows you a video that corresponds to the area you are touching, containing more information about the product.

Check out our video to see our Touch and Learn in action.

Intelligent Menu Boards

Using three displays showcasing our intelligent menu board which not only can be updated from a client database but also has the facility to trigger content changes based on local weather.

A document holds the pricing and menu data which can be changed dynamically on the menu board by the touch of a button. The change in weather can also trigger a price promotion on the menu board, for example, a drop-in temperature could change the price for hot chocolate or an increase in temperature could change content to switch to a promotion for iced tea or a smoothie.

These changes can also be automatically changed by using the thermometer function and forcing it through from a second tablet.

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QR Code Triggers

On screen QR codes with a call-to-action asking people to scan the code for more great deals. Once scanned, the customer would be directed to a webpage on their mobile showing the products on offer.

If the user then selected a product on their mobile, the content on the screen would automatically change to show a deal specifically for the chosen product.

Imagine if your company was closed and your customers could still browse your special offers or promotions.

Want to learn more about how we can help turn your retail experience into something WOW?

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