HyperVSN Covid Animations!

HyperVSN Covid Animations!

Hypervsn – an all-in-one 3D holographic solution.

It has a four blade rotor that spins so fast that you won’t see any blades only your outstanding content floating in mid-air! You can mount Hypervsn on to your wall or your ceiling using our different installation models or display it on our free standing tripod. We also offer a dome which is designed as a protective barrier for the devices.

At Limitless Displays we have developed a set of Covid related animations along with application ideas.

Our customers have had a quite good response rate while running these campaigns internally and we thought this may be of greater interest to our other venues, partners, and clients.

  • Promote important services and products to help people stay healthy and strong.
  • Help visitors stay calm and cheerful with positive content.

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Hypervsn Covid animations