Limitless Displays – One Customer Journey!

A few weeks ago, a friend came back from Estonia in the Baltics and she’d seen a mobile phone shop called Elisa. She couldn’t stop telling me about how really cool it was because they’ve combined so many digital interfaces in one customer journey which is exactly what I’ve been talking about since forever, that she though Limitless Displays had done the store fit out! 

Finally a store with seamless, multi technology experiences from with projection on walls, digital screens around the walls, touch screens on the desks, lift and learn technology, electronic shelf labelling next to the products and everything is done quite nicely in a very small footprint! 

It looks impressive. If anyone has been to one of these stores in Estonia let me know what you thought and, please tell me about any Lift and Learn examples you’ve seen in other shops anywhere around the world! 

Lift and Learn technology