The latest trends in Digital Signage!

The latest trends in Digital Signage 

One of the biggest challenges we face every year after visiting ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) after viewing the fantastic technologies on offer is, how we can make use of what’s available!  

Some of the offerings look fantastic and I feel like a kid in a sweet shop with rollable OLED’s and other cool things, but these questions still remain;  

  • How do we use it?  
  • How can we integrate it to our clients?  
  • How it become part of the end users shopping experience to really add value to our Limitless Displays offerings.
Hyper personalisation 

Consumers are spoiled by smart phones nowadays with everything online and totally personalised for them. They log into their account or Amazon account and everything is specified exactly to their needs and to be honest they’re so solid, stable and reliable and that’s what they expect when they’re at the shopping centre. 

They want to go there but they don’t want to see hundreds of advertisements that don’t cater for their interest. But on the other hand, they don’t like to be hyper targeted. 

When we talk to retailers, they tell us they want to get as personal as possible from one-tomany to one-to-one marketing so at Limitless we need to try and apply a fine balance between technology, the consumers, and the client’s needs. 

Finding the right solution sometimes means looking outside the box and deploying some of our Disruptive Marketing techniques! 

Visit our Disruptive Marketing page to find out how you can seize attention like never before!