The latest trends in retail experiences is the Magic Mirror! 

The latest trends in retail experiences is the Magic Mirror! 

In a traditional fitting room, you can try everything on and if it doesn’t fit or look right you can get the right size, colour etc. If you like it, buy it immediately and this works very well. It’s so important because the fitting room is where fashion retail has the biggest advantage compared to shopping online.  

Shopping on Amazon is very convenient, but does it create any emotions? No. Well maybe on your credit card but that’s the only emotion you get! 

But when you’re in a fitting room 80% of the people decide when they put something on, there and then, if they want to buy it or not. In the past the fitting room was in a dark corner of the store with bad lighting. 

Today they have fantastic lighting, with lots of touch screens and interactive technologies and they’re really becoming the centre of the store! 

The future of digital signage is not in 2023, 2024, 2025, it’s happening now!  

Is it perfect? No!

We haven’t seen a single perfect project to date but if something is engaging and delivering an experience to the customer then that is something the physical retail store has over online shopping!

Mirandda Magic Mirror

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