Traditional Mirrors are out and Magic Mirrors are in!

Traditional Mirrors are out, and Magic Mirrors or smart displays are in!

Using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and gesture recognition technology the mirrors can super impose clothing over your onscreen image. In effect, the mirror becomes a virtual changing room, where you can create complete outfits without ever getting undress.  

This technology allows you to see all items, even items that are not in stock and try on dozens of combinations. To see what an item would look like in a different colour just swipe your hand. You can even share your virtual picture on solical media! 

Inside a fitting room our limitless magic mirror comes alive and automatically registers the clothes you have brought in with you. You can request different sizes directly on the mirror and an alert is sent to sales staff who will deliver the product to you.  

Our Limitless Magic Mirror is suitable for a wide range of applications in retail and hospitality, from in-store fitting rooms to cosmetics advice, or multi-function mirror, tv, information and room service panels for high-end hotels.

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